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This post explains mainly how to judge predictive systems and how LotterySonar differs from other systems.

Evaluating the best free lottery systems

There are many related sites and software available on the internet and all of them claim to be among the best free lottery systems. But if you really dig deeply into those systems you will either end up in limitations for free usage – so that you have to sign up for a paid service or software- or you’re find out that those claims are not fulfilled at all.

Therefore, there is a competition for providing the most reliable and accurate system, so it is time to separate them by the quality of the results delivered.

Whenever the term ‘system’ is involved, we are also talking about ‘trust’. We’ll also discuss this fact later in this post.

The drawing – “Supreme Court” of all predictive systems

Draw date is like verdict day to us who claim to have advised the right path for winning. To stay with this example, if there is only one court in this world that always finds the truth and nothing but the truth then it is probably the lottery draw.

When the “hammer falls” (after the last number is drawn) the “verdict” (drawn numbers) is final and there are no excuses, no objections, no revisions accepted so we have to remember we are dealing with the hardest justice available. Therefore, we should be careful in providing predictive numbers in order of a successful “defend”.

Publishing numbers to play means to accept some kind of moral responsibility as people are likely going to spend money for buying lottery tickets using your provided numbers. Therefore, they trust on the system they choose and when it comes to trust there is always honesty to mention. We’ll discuss honesty in detail in the next chapter of this post.

However, in real life there are courts and sometimes you win a case and sometimes you lose another. We play the role of the attorney who defends predicted numbers and as a lawyer we are highly interested in building up reputation. Therefore, our total balance of won/lost cases is the main factor for judging our success and finally get trusted by our clients.

You might have asked yourself where the “judge” is situated in this simple role-play. Well, the answer is easy: it’s You!, because the amount of your satisfaction about the result may vary. Some people expect “perfect results” and judge like black and white, means everything less than 100% is fail. Others judge more moderate and consider gray shades that include defining multiple degrees of success in regard of the given result.

It’s all up to you, ‘Your Honour’!


Honesty – The engine of trust

Like anywhere else in life, if you want to be trusted, first of all you have to be honest to your audience as well as to yourself.

One last time we will refer to our supreme court example and say: Not standing behind our predictions is like perjury, means whatever the draw result, we are committed to compare our predictions and publish the truth about the accuracy. We have to be honest enough to our audience and ourselves to present even the worst case scenario (all predictions were wrong). This is one of the key criteria to distinguish a good system from a bad one.

Unfortunately, most of our colleagues in the “prediction business” forget about this important matter and act more like this: if the prediction becomes true, they will expose and celebrate that success very bold and praise it among the best lottery systems. On the other hand if the result is modest, they just skip to the next prediction without any comments about the last one.

You should not have any reason to trust anyone who is not honest, do you?

At, everything is exposed, everything is clear, no matter what the draw result is. In fact, honesty is the prime principle of this site because getting your trust is important to us. Therefore, after every draw, all contents of the sites are updated automatically for your reference to find out how the prediction really performed within minutes after the draw.

The term “engine” at the header of this chapter implies something “moving”, in fact it is meant as an ongoing process of building up trust through honesty (and high quality predictions, of course!).


Covered lotteries – Requests welcome

At the moment following lotteries are supported by

The list is expanded continuously and requests are prioritized. Therefore, should your favorite lottery not be listed here, please don’t hesitate to contact us to include it into the program. The system is designed to add newcomers in a very short time and we are more than glad to do so.


Let’s face it: Truth is sometimes sweet and sometimes bitter, and honesty is always the best policy.

Study the previous draws and predictions for your own personal judgment and decide if it is appropriate for your expectations and needs. Maybe there are other prediction sites providing honest data about the achieved performance in regard of the claims made, so we strongly recommend you to compare and benchmark those data with us.

At the time this post is being written, had a fairly good performance. Please have a look at the different lotteries we handle and you will find out how the same system performs with each one. You’ll be surprised to find out how it works better with most of them and also less good with some few.

However, our data is free to use, everything is public and there is no paid subscription for extra information. Feel free to browse through the provided data and you’ll soon find your own personal number picking strategy based on your studies.

Critical feedback is welcome.

Thanks for your time reading this post and good luck!



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